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Research for More Sustainable Food Production

46The Meat Site – Safer food, less waste, more efficient food production and better use of natural resources are just some of the goals inspiring the work of a new research group at the University of Lincoln in the UK.

The Agri-Food Technology Research Group aims to develop new technological solutions for all stages of food production including cultivation, harvest, processing and packaging.

Agri-food is the largest industry in Lincolnshire and food security is also one of the major challenges identified by the UK Research Councils.

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Flu vaccine backfires in pigs

5By Beth Mole
Nature – Preventing seasonal sniffles may be more complicated than researchers suspected. A vaccine that protects piglets from one common influenza virus also makes them more vulnerable to a rarer flu strain, researchers report today in Science Translational Medicine1.

The team gave piglets a vaccine against H1N2 influenza. The animals responded by making antibodies that blocked that virus — but aided infection with the strain H1N1, which caused a pandemic among humans in 2009. In the study, H1N1 infected more cells and caused more severe pneumonia in vaccinated piglets than unvaccinated ones.

The root of the different immune responses lies with the mushroom-shaped haemagglutinin protein found on the outside of influenza-virus particles, which helps them to attach onto cells in the airways. The protein occurs in all types of flu, but the make-up of its cap and stem vary between strains….>Continue Reading<<

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More Than 300 People Hit by Salmonella from Live Birds

The Poultry Site – A total of 316 persons infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium have been reported from 37 states, according to the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The source of infection has been traced to sales of young poultry from agricultural stores, which are mainly frequented by small-scale and hobby farmers.

According to the latest CDC report – dated 19 August – among 199 ill persons with available information, 51 (26 per cent) have been admitted to hospital; 59 per cent of ill persons are children 10 years of age or younger.

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Exploring 100 Years of Food Security I

1The Rockefeller Foundation launches the second book in its Centennial Publications Series, Food & Prosperity: Balancing Technology and Community in Agriculture.

From the Foundation’s earliest days, John D. Rockefeller and his program staff recognized that agricultural productivity is critical to prosperity. Agriculture provides income in poor rural communities and satisfies basic nutritional needs. Done well, agricultural development can also address important issues like environmental degradation, population increase, and the politics of development.
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Quinoa: A Miracle Grain and the Fight for Food Security

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has named 2013 “the international year of quinoa”. This ancestral grain, native to Bolivia and Peru, has been heralded as a super-food with the potential to alleviate hunger and malnutrition globally. Quinoa is rich in protein and other nutrients and, through the Andean ancestral cultivation practices, can provide nutritional and biodiversity benefits to countries looking to improve food security. Yet as international demand for quinoa grows, especially among gourmets in Canada, the US, and Europe, prices have risen, making quinoa less affordable for Peruvians and Bolivians. Despite an overall increase in quinoa production, local consumption has decreased due to a host of factors including competition on the global expert market. This situation has generated questions about the potential for the miracle grain to aid in meeting food security goals globally, if global demand and limited production continues to present challenges to achieving food security locally. For more insight, the publication Agenda: Suramerica, give a local perspective on this issue with their feature, “Global vs. Local Food Security: The Case of Quinoa in Bolivia.”

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Source: Rockefeller Fundation
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Report Calls for Reduction in Food Waste and Aid to Small Farmers

12The Poultry Site – The report urges consumers in the UK to eat less meat and to eat meat from more sustainable sources rather than intensive units.

It added that biofuels are having a detrimental impact on food production helping to cause shortages and volatile prices.

However, the committee’s views have on meat consumption have been rebuffed by the British poultry industry.

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Franco-Chinese Agreement on Avian Influenza Vaccine Research

10The PoultrySite – The agreement was signed in France this week by Dr Marc Prikazsky, Ceva Santé Animale Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Prof Ren Tao, Vice-Dean of the South China Agricultural University, under the patronage of Stéphane Le Foll, Minister for Agriculture, Agribusiness and Forests, Guillaume Garot, Minister-Delegate for Agribusiness and Martine Aubry, Special Representative for China in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ceva said the agreement came about because of the importance of China in the global poultry sector.
With a growing population and rising living standards meat consumption is rising, particularly chicken.
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