Exploring 100 Years of Food Security I

1The Rockefeller Foundation launches the second book in its Centennial Publications Series, Food & Prosperity: Balancing Technology and Community in Agriculture.

From the Foundation’s earliest days, John D. Rockefeller and his program staff recognized that agricultural productivity is critical to prosperity. Agriculture provides income in poor rural communities and satisfies basic nutritional needs. Done well, agricultural development can also address important issues like environmental degradation, population increase, and the politics of development.
Food & Prosperity delivers a compelling history of The Rockefeller Foundation’s work in the important field of agriculture and addresses many questions that we still face today. It explores successes and failures, offering insights into philanthropy’s role in transferring technical scientific knowledge within the context of various cultures and institutional frameworks.
This book is just one of six that the Foundation is releasing over the course of this year – one focused on the Foundation’s role in shaping modern philanthropy, two on lessons learned from our work in the fields of agriculture and health, and three others exploring the Foundation’s work in Africa, Thailand, and the United States.

Click here to download the book
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