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H7N9 in China: The Worries Continue

44 By Chris Wright

The Poultry Site – At the same time, the Chinese poultry sector is still having trouble and continues to recover from the crisis caused by avian influenza. The Chinese government just announced that it is giving the industry 300 million yuan (48.5 million dollars) more to help the poultry industry in its recovery. This is added to the 900 million yuan that has already been given to the industry. Aside from the central government subsidies, ten provinces have established preferential policies to support the poultry industry.

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Franco-Chinese Agreement on Avian Influenza Vaccine Research

10The PoultrySite – The agreement was signed in France this week by Dr Marc Prikazsky, Ceva Santé Animale Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Prof Ren Tao, Vice-Dean of the South China Agricultural University, under the patronage of Stéphane Le Foll, Minister for Agriculture, Agribusiness and Forests, Guillaume Garot, Minister-Delegate for Agribusiness and Martine Aubry, Special Representative for China in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ceva said the agreement came about because of the importance of China in the global poultry sector.
With a growing population and rising living standards meat consumption is rising, particularly chicken.
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With pig virus looming, are US farms and food supply safe?

8By P.J. Huffstutter of Reuters

MSN News — The sudden and widespread appearance of a swine virus deadly to young pigs – one never before seen in North America – is raising questions about the bio-security shield designed to protect the U.S. food supply.

The swine-only virus, the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV), poses no danger to humans or other animals, and the meat from infected pigs is safe for people to eat.

Though previously seen in parts of Asia and Europe, the virus now has spread into five leading hog-raising U.S. states. How it arrived in the United States remains a mystery.

While the U.S. imports millions of pigs each year from Canada, it imports pigs from virtually no other country, and no Canadian cases of PEDV have been confirmed. Veterinarians and epidemiologists say pigs are infected through oral means, and that the virus is not airborne and does it not occur spontaneously in nature.

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Source and Photo: MSN News, 29th May, 2013
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China poultry losses top $1.6B due to bird flu scare

9_FrangoMSN News – China’s poultry sector has recorded losses of more than $1.6 billion since reports emerged of a new strain of bird flu two weeks ago, an official at the country’s National Poultry Industry Association said Tuesday.
Authorities have slaughtered thousands of birds and closed live poultry markets in Shanghai and Beijing in an attempt to reduce the rate of human infection and allay growing fears about the H7N9 virus.
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Labex Korea Colletion

By Gilberto Silber Schmidt
Labex Korea – The new format of Labex Korea Collection provide our readers more facilities to identify and read the titles of interest without having to go through the entire page. The PDF document includes the TOP10′s for each month. This version includes the articles published in January, February, March and April. Enjoy

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