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Fairtrade Foundation report damns treatment of smallholder farmers

coffee beansTim Smedley
The Guardian – A Fairtrade Foundation report published today highlights the irreplaceable role of smallholder farmers in global food production, and calls on international business to reassess how it treats the most vulnerable in its supply chain.

The report, “Powering up smallholder farmers to make food fair”, draws on the Fairtrade Foundation’s experience of working with smallholders over 20 years across five main agricultural commodities: coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar and bananas.

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Source and Photo: The Guardian, 25th February, 2013
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Climate Conversations – Will agriculture make it at Rio+20?

By Robynne Anderson
Alert Net – Sustainable development by its nature is broad, combining social, economic, and environmental dimensions. In an attempt to roll these ideas together, the negotiating text introduces the concept of the “green economy”, which is by no means an accepted term and has met with strong G77 criticism for its lack of focus on poverty eradication and related social issues.

Attempts to agree on the “institutional framework” for sustainable development at the UN, including the upgrading of the United Nations Environment Programme to a UN agency, are not only divisive between Europe and North America but have also forced a split within the G77.

Source and Photo: AlerteNet, June 24th, 2012
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