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Brazilian Research on Bioenergy

Mini 020FAPESP – Brazil is outstanding as the world’s most intensive user of bioethanol as an alternative to gasoline for powering transport. Total bioethanol production for 2012/13 is projected at 23.9 billion liters in 437 plants, 168 of which are dedicated exclusively to ethanol. In 2012/13 around 51 per cent of the 602 million tons of sugarcane will be used for ethanol and 49 per cent for sugar production. The total sugarcane planted area in Brazil is around 8 million hectares (ha). This accounts for only around 2-3 per cent of total area devoted to agriculture.

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United Kingdom seeks more research collaboration with Brazil

30By Elton Alisson
Agência FAPESP – On June 14, FAPESP was visited by a delegation from the United Kingdom’s Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council (BBSRC). The objective of the visit was to discuss possible program partnerships and combining research and strategies to promote innovation and excellence in research.
One of the seven member bodies of Research Councils United Kingdom (RCUK), the BBSRC invests approximately 400 million pounds sterling (R$ 1.36 billion) in funding for biotechnology and bioscience research throughout the United Kingdom each year.
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Alltech Crowns Australian, Brazilian Students Young Scientist Winners

5The Poutry Site – Ms Pesqueria attended the University of Maringa in Brazil before transferring to the University of Kentucky for her final year of undergraduate studies in animal science. Her research presentation, titled “Contractile Response of the Different Ergot Alkaloids in Bovine Cranial Branch of the Lateral Saphenous Vein In Vitro,” examines the compounds involved with fescue toxicosis syndrome in cows through the use of an advanced testing system. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in animal science.

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III Workshop Embrapa (Brazil) and Korea (RDA)

Inauguração2By Gilberto Silber Schmidt

Labex Korea (Embrapa) and the International Technology Cooperation Center (ITCC/RDA) are organizing the III Workshop RDA/Embrapa to be held in Suwon on March 25 – 29. This event is being proposed with the objective to establish strategies for cooperation between both Institutions to toward technological innovations through research, development and technology transfer, which enable to boost the agricultural sector in both countries.
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Scandals Envelop Two Russian Science Officials

ScienceBy Vladimir Pokrovsky

Science – The recent departure of two senior Russian research officials is putting a spotlight on ethical issues. Earlier this month, Andrei Andriyanov resigned as head of the Kolmogorov Special Educational and Scientific Center (SESC) of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), a special high school for budding scientists, after an investigation concluded that he had included fake references in his doctoral thesis. Meanwhile, Russian law enforcement officials have leveled unrelated fraud charges against the head of the government commission that approved Andriyanov’s degree, calling renewed attention to allegations that the body was involved in a larger scheme to approve falsified dissertations.

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H5N1 Researchers Announce End of Research Moratorium

Flu1By David Malakoff
Science – Almost a year after they announced it, leading influenza researchers are ending a voluntary moratorium on certain types of controversial experiments involving the H5N1 avian influenza virus.

In a letter published online today by Science and Nature, 40 researchers declare that the studies should restart now that scientists, government officials, and the public have had time to debate the need for the research and impose new safety measures. “[T]he aims of the voluntary moratorium have been met in some countries and are close to being met in others,” they write, and researchers “have a public-health responsibility to resume this important work.”

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Organic Farming Research in Thailand

a7By Vitoon R. Panyakul

Organic Research Centers Alliance – Thai organic agriculture has seen a big boost in the last couple years as the Thai organic sector has enjoyed steady growth and development in its domestic and international markets. The innovative efforts of the Thai private sector appear to have paid off. For instance, a private national certification body has been developed, which is now spinning off to an Asia-wide regional platform. Also developed, has been a competency building programme for personnel involved in organic projects and an organic product chain management system leading to a regional training platform. A domestic market is also developing and has yet to tap organic exports from neighbouring countries.

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