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To strengthen Africa’s green revolution, look to the skies

Weather stations in schoolsBy Nick van de Giesen
The Guardian – Effective policy-making relies on availability of high quality data and nowhere is that more true than in Africa, where a ‘green revolution’ has been spoken about, waited for, but not been realised for decades. Across the continent, national governments and regional planners have never had the data to make proper decisions regarding investment in water resources infrastructure, essential to increase agricultural capacity sustainably.

The main obstacle is Africa’s extremely limited hydro-meteorological observation network. With more measurement stations, and thus better understanding of water availability, and enhanced ability to predict shifting weather patterns, the impact on African harvest predictions and food production could be transformative.

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Source and Photo: The Guardian, 22nd August, 2013
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Korea Environmental Industries

Mini 017Labex Korea – Achieving both economic growth and better quality of life is human kind’s longstanding aspiration. To that end, we need to tap natural resources in an environmentally sustainable manner and stop polluting environment in the process of consuming the resources.
Advanced nations have made a continuous effort and seen a significant progress in maximizing productivity of resources while realizing economic development that minimizes environmental pollution. They have sought ways to curb environmental degradation by inventing relevant technologies and nurturing industries.
The Ministry of Environmental and Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institute prepared a book to introduce Korea’s competitive environmental enterprises and technologies to the world.
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