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Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture: How To Produce More

41The Poultry Site – The goal of sustainable intensification is to increase food production from existing farmland says the article in the journal’s Policy Forum.

Lead authors Dr Tara Garnett and Professor Charles Godfray, University of Oxford, say this would minimise the pressure on the environment in a world in which land, water, and energy are in short supply, highlighting that the environment is often overexploited and used unsustainably.

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Grassroot-level innovations may hold the key to global challenges

By Duncan Garde, Agustina Memoli and Paulina Polak

rice farmerThe Guardian – Low tech, grassroot-level innovations may hold the key to overcoming some of the resource challenges we face today; and we might be missing them. The solutions below are some exceptional examples of grassroots level innovations. The question is – how many other potential world changing solutions have remained in obscurity at source, never replicating sufficiently to make a significant change? ….>>Continue Reading<<

Source and Photo: The Guardian, 17th April, 2013.
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National action against hunger crucial in post-2015 world

GrazianoFAO – National leadership and action are crucial and governments have the primary responsibility for assuring the food security of their citizens, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today told a high-level meeting on the UN’s vision for a post-2015 strategy against world hunger. The UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) deadline will pass in 2015.

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Fairtrade Foundation report damns treatment of smallholder farmers

coffee beansTim Smedley
The Guardian – A Fairtrade Foundation report published today highlights the irreplaceable role of smallholder farmers in global food production, and calls on international business to reassess how it treats the most vulnerable in its supply chain.

The report, “Powering up smallholder farmers to make food fair”, draws on the Fairtrade Foundation’s experience of working with smallholders over 20 years across five main agricultural commodities: coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar and bananas.

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Source and Photo: The Guardian, 25th February, 2013
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Consumers More Interested in Antibiotic-Free Meat

ConsumersSupermarketNews – Conventional supermarkets’ meat departments now typically have at least a limited selection of antibiotic-free meat products, a category that some natural food stores offer exclusively.
Jewel-Osco stores can opt to carry antibiotic-free ground beef, bison and grass-fed meat, said Karen May, external communications manager, who noted shoppers can also special order antibiotic-free products. “We recently added both High Plains Continue reading

Food security debate needs to include stronger focus on food safety

fruitsBy Andrew Emmott

The Guardian – We’ve all heard about the need for safe water in developing countries — campaigns and charities working in water sanitation have very successfully conveyed this message. What you may not have heard much about is the pressing issue of food safety in the developing world, a message that the London based ethical trading organization Twin is pushing in the run up to the G8 Summit, due to take place in the UK this June.

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Small Farms, Big Potential

cafe1Food Security Portal – Small farms, meaning farms with two ha of land or less, make up 80 percent of all farm holdings in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA). Such a large population clearly has the power to spur economic development in the region, and needs to be included in any economic discussion. But smallholders often find themselves confined to local markets or subsistence-level farming, leaving them trapped in poverty. What can be done to allow Africa’s small farms to reach their full potential? Continue reading