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Wireless system assesses welfare of chickens during slaughter

39Avicultura Industrial – The Laboratory of Applied Physics and Computational College of Animal Science and Food Engineering (FZEA) USP has developed a methodology using a wireless system (wireless network) that allows measuring the brain state of broilers during the slaughter process. The technology aims to establish a procedure for equivalence in relation to the requirements of the European Union (EU) the welfare of the birds during slaughter demonstrating, through EEG (Eletroenceéfalograma), the animal is unconscious and does not suffer in the process.

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Correlating denitrifying catabolic genes with N2O and N2 emissions from swine slurry composting

embrapaBy Angnes et al.

Abstract – This work evaluated N dynamics that occurs over time within swine slurry composting piles. Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) analyzes were conducted to estimate concentrations of bacteria community harboring specific catabolic nitrifying-ammonium monooxygenase (amoA), and denitrifying nitrate- (narG), nitrite- (nirS and nirG), nitric oxide- (norB) and nitrous oxide reductases (nosZ) genes. NH3-N, N2O-N, N2-N emissions represented 15.4±1.9, 5.4±0.9, and 79.1±2.0% of the total nitrogen losses, respectively. Among the genes tested, temporal distribution of narG, nirS, and nosZ concentration correlated significantly (p < 0.05) with the estimated N2 emissions. Denitrifying catabolic gene ratio (cnorB+qnorB)/nosZ ⩾ 100 was indicative of N2O emission potential from the compost pile. Considering our current empirical limitations to accurately measure N2 emissions from swine slurry composting at field scale the use of these catabolic genes could represent a promising monitoring tool to aid minimize our uncertainties on biological N mass balances in these systems.

Source: ScienceDirect, 7th May, 2013
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Embrapa and RDA define strategic partnership in projects for agriculture

00001Labex Korea (Embrapa) and the International Technology Cooperation Center (ITCC/RDA) organized the 3rd Workshop RDA/Embrapa in Suwon on March 25 – 29. This event was proposed with the objective to establish strategies for cooperation between both Institutions to toward technological innovations through research, development and technology transfer, which enable to boost the agricultural sector in both countries.

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