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Loss of biodiversity is a global problem

5By Elton Alisson

Agência FAPESP – Biodiversity loss is the most important threat faced by humanity today. This loss is occurring rapidly in many places around the globe at a time of major global climate changes and strong pressure to drastically increase food production to support the expanding global population.

This warning was delivered by Zakri Abdul Hamid, president of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), at the opening ceremonies of the Regional Meeting of IPBES for Latin America and the Caribbean, held on July 11. Officially created in April 2012, IPBES focuses on organizing knowledge about global biodiversity to inform policy decisions on the world stage… >>Continue Reading<<

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Climate Conversations – Will agriculture make it at Rio+20?

By Robynne Anderson
Alert Net – Sustainable development by its nature is broad, combining social, economic, and environmental dimensions. In an attempt to roll these ideas together, the negotiating text introduces the concept of the “green economy”, which is by no means an accepted term and has met with strong G77 criticism for its lack of focus on poverty eradication and related social issues.

Attempts to agree on the “institutional framework” for sustainable development at the UN, including the upgrading of the United Nations Environment Programme to a UN agency, are not only divisive between Europe and North America but have also forced a split within the G77.

Source and Photo: AlerteNet, June 24th, 2012
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Carbon map infographic: a new way to see the Earth move

The Guardian – How can you map the world to show global data in an immediately clear way? How can you show two datasets at once to see how they compare? Kiln, a partnership of Guardian writer Duncan Clark and developer Robin Houston has come up with this beautiful new take on the globe. Watch the animated intro or click on the topics and see the map move before your eyes. Adding shading lets you compare two datasets to see how they relate – so you can see clearly how poorest countries have the fastest growing populations but the lowest emissions

Source: The Guardian
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Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate Change

CLIMATE CHANGE Agriculture and Food Segurity – The Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change has reviewed the scientific evidence to identify a pathway to achieving food security in the context of climate change. Food systems must shift to better meet human needs and, in the long term, balance with planetary resources. This will demand major interventions, at local to global scales, to transform current patterns of food production, distribution and consumption. Investment, innovation, and deliberate effort to empower the world’s most vulnerable populations will be required to construct a global food system that adapts to climate change and ensures food security while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and sustaining our natural resource base.

You also can download the Final Report from the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change 

Source and Photo – CLIMATE CHANGE Agriculture and Food Segurity

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Mega forces that will affect the business until 2030

Exame – Studies of KPMG show the elements such as climate changes, resources shortage and population growth will directly influence of the company’s operations. The first megaforca indicated by the survey are the climate changes.

Full Text – Portuguese”                                  “Full Text – English (PDF)

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