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Meat Products in the European Union 2013-2023

34The Pig Site – The EU meat sector is expected to be supported by strong demand on the world market driven by favourable economic conditions. In Europe, prospects of improved economic growth should leave consumers with more disposable income allowing for a higher consumption of meat products.

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CRC Studies Pathogenicity of Newcastle Disease

CRCThe Poultry Site – Caused by virulent strains of avian paramyxovirus type 1 (APMV1), this devastating and highly contagious virus is regarded as one of the most important diseases affecting poultry globally. Previous outbreaks of virulent Newcastle disease virus in Australia have been associated with high economic and social costs, not to mention the welfare impact on the birds themselves.

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Chicken Vaccines Combine to Produce Deadly Virus

By Kai Kupferschmidt
Science – Vaccines aren’t supposed to cause disease. But that appears to be what’s happening on Australian farms. Scientists have found that two virus strains used to vaccinate chickens there may have recombined to form a virus that is sickening and killing the animals. “This shows that recombination of such strains can happen and people need to think about it,” says Glenn Browning, a veterinary microbiologist at the University of Melbourne, Parkville, in Australia and one of the co-authors on the paper.
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Dynamic Filtration Research Seeks to Improve Poultry Wastewater Treatment Processes

2 The Poultry Site – Similar to in-plant practices (such as dry sweeping) that are designed to keep material out of the drain, screening is a physical process with the goal of getting gross solids out of the liquid stream discharged from the processing plant to wastewater. If successful, a smaller range of particle sizes can then be removed by follow-on processes such as chemically enhanced dissolved air flotation or biological processes.

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Source and Photo: The Poultry Site, January 12nd, 2013
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H5N1 Researchers Announce End of Research Moratorium

Flu1By David Malakoff
Science – Almost a year after they announced it, leading influenza researchers are ending a voluntary moratorium on certain types of controversial experiments involving the H5N1 avian influenza virus.

In a letter published online today by Science and Nature, 40 researchers declare that the studies should restart now that scientists, government officials, and the public have had time to debate the need for the research and impose new safety measures. “[T]he aims of the voluntary moratorium have been met in some countries and are close to being met in others,” they write, and researchers “have a public-health responsibility to resume this important work.”

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In Search of the Wild Chicken

By Andrew Lawler
Science – In the 1950s, bird hunters in the southern United States were eager to bag more exotic prey than quail, and so their representatives in Washington agitated for the introduction of foreign varieties. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist dutifully went to a remote area in India’s Himalayan foothills and collected dozens of red jungle fowl, a colorful, shy, and tasty wild bird that also happens to be the primary progenitor of today’s domestic chicken. Bred at research stations across the South, nearly 10,000 of the birds were released in the 1960s. They failed to thrive, and the program introducing an alien species was quietly cancelled. The few remaining penned jungle fowl were slated for slaughter in 1969… >>Access complete article<<
Source and Photo: November 23rd, 2012
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Fuel from Chicken Feathers?

Alternative Energy – Chicken feather meal is processed at high temperatures with steam. This feather meal is used as animal feed and also as fertilizer. Chicken feather meal has high percentage of protein and nitrogen. The researchers have paid attention to the 12% fat content of the chicken feather meal. They have arrived at the conclusion that feather meal has potential as an alternative, non-food feedstock for the production of biofuel. They have extracted fat from chicken feather meal using boiling water and processing it into biodiesel. Another advantage of extracting fat from feather meal is it provides both a higher-grade animal feed and a better nitrogen source for fertilizer applications…… >>Read More<<

Source and Photo: Alternative Energy
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