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Meat Products in the European Union 2013-2023

34The Pig Site – The EU meat sector is expected to be supported by strong demand on the world market driven by favourable economic conditions. In Europe, prospects of improved economic growth should leave consumers with more disposable income allowing for a higher consumption of meat products.

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What Drives Grain and Feed Markets?

beefBy Chris Harris
The Cattle Site – The Speaking at the recent HGCA Grain Market Outlook Conference in London, Jack Watts, senior analyst for cereals and oilseeds at the AHDB Market Intelligence unit said that wheat markets are starting to take a greater significance in global grain markets and the influence of maize is starting to diminish.
“The loss of dominance of the maize market is largely down to the drought in the US last year,” Mr. Watts said.
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Horsemeat scandal: François Hollande calls for European meat labelling

The Guardian – The French president François Hollande has called for compulsory labelling and traceability of meat used in processed foods in Europe to prevent a repeat of the horsemeat scandal.

Speaking at the start of the Paris agricultural fair on Saturday, he said: “There needs to be traceability – that is what I want from talks on a European level. We need compulsory labelling on meats that will be used in processed foods.”

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