Microalgae Utilisation in Wastewater Treatment

The Poultry Site – Since the inception of the Clean Water Act and subsequent creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the early 1970s, industrial, institutional and commercial entities have been required to continually improve the quality of their process wastewater effluent discharges. At the same time, the rise in population and production rates has increased water use, creating a corresponding rise in wastewater quantity.

This increased water use and process wastewater generation requires more efficient removal of by-products and pollutants that allows for effluent discharge within established environmental regulatory limits.

The need for more efficient wastewater treatment has been met with more technologically advanced, energy-intensive engineered treatment systems that require major capital investments and substantial ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Although highly effective, these advanced treatment systems are often out of reach for those in less developed or rural areas.

However, an effective alternative exists. Low-energy input systems that utilise microalgae and the natural biological process of photosynthesis can drive efficient wastewater treatment systems…. Continue Reading

Source: The Poultry Site, November 30, 2013
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