Technical Cooperation Project – Genome Analyses and Genomic Selection for the Production Traits in Cattle

0000026354-Logo 40 anosBy Gilberto Silber Schmidt

Labex Korea – Undertake a pilot project that establishes bioinformatics analyses for the de novo sequencing dataset and genomic selection process for genetic improvement of production traits in cattle. This work will be included an establishment of a pipeline for big genome dataset such as de novo sequencing dataset and its application for looking at genetic diversity such as signature of selection. Finally both parties will collaborate to develop genomic selection pipeline for their research herd to estimate genomic breeding values.

This Project of Technical Cooperation (TCP) between Embrapa and RDA is centered in sharing of information of interest to both countries. The objectives of it are: a) To establish bioinformatics analyses for identification novel chromosome regions that are associated with production traits as well as heat/disease resistance in cattle; b) To establish genomic selection pipeline for research herd of both parties and implementation of genomic selection model to estimate genomic breeding value and c) To foster young research scientists in Bioinformatics fields and Animal breeding & genetics (especially genomic selection). Embrapa in Brazil will help to foster research scientist in Bioinformatics fields and RDA (National Institute of Animal Science) will help to do research collaboration in genomic selection.

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