Development of Ante- and Post-mortem Meat Inspection of Pigs as a Welfare Diagnostic Tool (PIGWELFIND):

3The Pig Site – Suboptimal housing, management and stockmanship are associated with poor welfare in pigs and are reflected in disease, abnormal behaviour, injury, poor longevity and reduced productivity. Pig producers are caught in a dilemma driven by poor profit margins and the demand for cheap food on one side and the demand for high standards of animal welfare, environmental protection and food safety on the other. However, while maintaining high standards of animal welfare undoubtedly costs money there are also serious financial costs associated with poor welfare.

This concept is central to the authors’ current research, which aims to determine the financial costs associated with pig welfare problems on farm. Furthermore, this research aims to validate indicators of pig health and welfare measured on the carcass at meat inspection as a diagnostic tool for use by the producer and his/her private veterinary practitioner (PVP)  ……. Continue Reading

 Source: The Pig Site, November 21, 2013

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