Effects of Slaughtering Methods on Protein Denaturation of Frozen Pacu Fillets

Pacu_sheddViegas et al, October 2013

Summary – Pacu is an omnivorous, freshwater fish typical of the wetlands located in South Mato Grosso, Brazil, which can also be found in the rivers of the Amazon and Prata basins. It is a species widely cultivated in Brazil due to its fast growth, hardiness and good acceptance by the consumers (MPA, 2010).

The freshwater fish cultivated in Brazil are most commonly stunned and slaughtered by thermal shock (1:1 water and ice); a method that is proven stressful since it does not kill immediately and can affect meat quality.

Due to pacu importance to Brazilian Aquaculture, it is necessary to determine the best slaughtering method in order to improve meat quality. The objective of this study is to evaluate how the usual methods used to slaughter pacu (electrical stunning, thermal shock and CO2 narcosis) influence protein denaturation of frozen fillets stored for 180 days.

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