Developing Countries Dominate World Demand for Agricultural Products

2The developing-country shares of the projected growth include 81 per cent for meat, 83 per cent for grains and oilseeds, and 95 per cent for cotton. Furthermore, developing countries’ demand for agricultural products is expected to increase faster than their production. As a result, these countries will account for 92 per cent of the total increase in world meat imports, 92 per cent of the increase in total grains and oilseeds imports, and nearly all of the increase in world cotton imports.
Factors behind the rapid increase in developing countries’ demand are high rates of population and income growth, accompanied by increased urbanization and an expanding middle class. Populations in developing countries, in contrast to those in high-income countries, tend to be younger and undergoing more rapid urbanization, which generally leads to more diversified diets. These consumption changes are expected to shift import demand from traditional staples toward feedstuffs and high-value food products.
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Source and Photo: The Poultry Site, 5th August.
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