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Strict Limits on Animal Research Stun Italian Scientists

2By Marta Patterlini

Science – In a major victory for animal rights activists, the Italian Parliament on Wednesday approved a bill that puts drastic limitations on animal testing. Scientists have warned that the provisions, voted by the Senate earlier this month, will severely hurt biomedical research in their country—but they haven’t given up hope yet that the measures will be canceled.

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Scientists taste-test lab-grown hamburger

45By Maria Cheng
MSN News – Two volunteers who participated in the first public frying of hamburger grown in a lab said Monday that it had the texture of meat but was short of flavor because of the lack of fat.
Mark Post, whose team at Maastricht University in the Netherlands developed the burger, hopes that making meat in labs could eventually help feed the world and fight climate change. That goal is many years distant, at best.
Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google, appeared on a video shown at the event and announced that he funded the $330,000 project because of his concern for animal welfare.
“I would say it’s close to meat. I miss the salt and pepper,” said Austrian nutritionist Hanni Ruetzler, one of the volunteer tasters. Both shunned the bun and sliced tomatoes to concentrate on the meat… >>Continue Reading<<
Source and Photo: MSN News, 6th August, 2013
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