Wireless system assesses welfare of chickens during slaughter

39Avicultura Industrial – The Laboratory of Applied Physics and Computational College of Animal Science and Food Engineering (FZEA) USP has developed a methodology using a wireless system (wireless network) that allows measuring the brain state of broilers during the slaughter process. The technology aims to establish a procedure for equivalence in relation to the requirements of the European Union (EU) the welfare of the birds during slaughter demonstrating, through EEG (Eletroenceéfalograma), the animal is unconscious and does not suffer in the process.

In general, the slaughter in industries that process the chicken is done after the process that desensitizes using electrical current. The system causes stun the bird before the bleeding, preventing animal suffering. However, the European Union has recommended electrocution, a procedure that causes a cardiac arrest because, according to reports from scientists, the process currently used causes damage to the carcass, such as losses in excess of 15% in breast meat. The survey had a partner Embrapa Swine and Poultry and the Brazilian Poultry Union (Ubabef), to establish parameters equivalent to the EU.

Click here to access the complete article in Portuguese

Source and Photo: Avicultura Indiustrial
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