International initiative seeks to reconcile agriculture with sustainability

40Avicultura Industrial – A group of 25 scientists of the world will have two years to do research and report a concrete experiences to balance the sustainable agricultural production to ensure worldwide food security. The initiative, launched in Rio, aims to unite researchers, governments and companies around the common goals. According Emile Frison, General Director of the Bioversity International, a nonprofit research organization headquartered in Rome, who leads the project, the novelty of Agriculture and Conservation Initiative is the union between researchers of the sustainability and of the productive sectors to fetch integrated solutions.
“The next step is doing scientists really work together. We have this high-level organization that can provide back important policies. But we need that these scientists can build the scientific evidences. They should try congregating everything what we know about initiatives that work for different agriculture paradigms”, said.
The president of Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), Israel Klabin, who attended the event, declared that the Brazil has leadership role this area, because the country “is the capital of capital worldwide natural”, with all natural resources in greater fullness and has worked with realism on. According Klabin, is important that the productive sector do not leave side to environmental issue and walk up to an economy sustainable.
“We’re living a moment of crisis in all sectors the planet. Actually, production systems are going relatively well, but the insertion of them in planetary reality and on the excess use of natural sources, causes we search ourselves a tune between production and environment, what it comes here is exactly this, as we can continue producing and the same time respecting the limits that nature offers us, so we can do with that natural goods inherited of the past may be passed on to our children the same way we received.”
Dr. Mauricio Lopes, Executive President of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), highlighted that the Brazil progressed much this area in recent 40 years, with the creation of research institutions and legislation. According Mauricio, the country overcame the food insecurity problem and became a exporter of food, transformed large areas of acid soil in fertile, developed a concept own of tropical agriculture and built a platform sustainable practices.
“We have today over 30 million hectares of no-tillage areas, where the soil is not revolved, helping solve erosion problems, of wear soil, losses nutrient. Brazil is leader in biological fixation of nitrogen, all Brazilian soybeans is cultivated without nitrogen application in chemical form, and we’re now promoting another great revolution in Brazilian agriculture, which is the integration systems: crop-livestock, crop-livestock-forest, that will allow us one vertical growth of Brazilian production “, said.

Source and Photo: Avicultura Industrial
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