Poultry Industry – Focus on Asia

35The Poultry Site – China’s poultry industry is to receive further government support to the tune of almost US$50 million to help them recover from the aftermath of the avian flu outbreaks earlier this year. There has also been a new food safety scare, this time in eggs. In India, chicken and egg prices are breaking records as the result of high feed prices and tight supplies while Bangladesh’s poultry industry is under pressure from cheaper imports, disease outbreaks and limited credit… >>Continue Reading<<

Source and Photo: The Poultry Site, June 28th, 2013
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2 responses to “Poultry Industry – Focus on Asia

  1. Turning to Bangladesh , the main challenges to the poultry industry have been identified as a lack of access to credit, competition from cheaper imports of poultry meat and frequent outbreaks of avian flu. These are threatening the very existence of this highly prospective sector.

  2. The poultry industry in Pakistan has tremendous potential. However, the industry is characterised by small and unorganised operators. Lack of disease control, financial commitment and technology are the major problems facing the industry today. Artal Pakistan, franchise holders for the KFC chain of restaurants, has a distinct advantage to upgrade this sector. The stringent quality requirements of the KFC outlets and the lack of availability of processed chicken in the local market has created the need for M-Artal Poultry, which is establishing one of the largest integrated poultry projects in the region.

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