Plan seeks to make biofuels feasible for aviation

31By Elton Alisson
Agência FAPESP – Brazil is poised to play a significant role in the global aviation biofuels industry. A report prepared by Boeing, Embraer and FAPESP, under Unicamp’s coordination, has identified the gaps and the pathways for the country to be a major player in this market: more research in the areas of raw materials and biofuel production, distribution logistics, and adaptation of legislation, among others. The three partners released the report on June 10, 2013, during an event held at FAPESP. ..>>Continue Reading<<
Source and Photo: Agencia FAPESP, 3rd July, 3013
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2 responses to “Plan seeks to make biofuels feasible for aviation

  1. Anyang General International (AGICO), based in Henan, seeks to make biomass pellets a feasible energy solution for a wider range of consumers worldwide. It does so with a two-pronged approach based on the small and large mill competencies of the two different manufacturing facilities within AGICO. The advantages of the group begin, as with all complete pellet production lines, at the initial size reduction phase with the hammer mill. The Gemco facility has developed a special hammer mill that combines the functions of a chipper and pulveriser, thereby increasing efficiency by 30 over traditional models. The machine can handle incoming biomass with diameters of up to 200mm. The AKG plant builds upon this technology for its own hammer mill with a higher rate of output necessary for large-scale production.

  2. Making Jatropha curcas and other plants, such as camelina and saccharine sorghum, feasible sources for the production of biofuels for aviation requires additional research and development to increase the yield and reduce production costs, according to researchers that participated in the study.

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