Urban Agriculture – Vertical Integration

Futuro3[1]By Gilberto Silber Schmidt
Labex Korea – Urban Agriculture is reality in most Asian’s countries and it has prospered quickly in the West’s large cities. According to the Rural Development Administration (Korean’s Institute of Agriculture Research), about 800 million of urban households produce vegetables, fruits or flowers, in backyards, rooftops or even pots on the balcony, across the planet.
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One response to “Urban Agriculture – Vertical Integration

  1. Urban agriculture and rooftop farms could be part of the solution. There are proposals to make buildings more like plants so that they can get everything they need right where they sit. There are opportunities for using Big Data to make urban energy consumption hyper efficient. In a thousand-thousand ways — some big and some small — there are opportunities to reimagine how cities work and how we work within them. That is pretty awesome.

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