Number of abandoned homes increasing in urban Japan

2The Korea Herald – The number of vacant houses in urban areas has been increasing, as houses built in rapid succession during Japan’s high economic growth period have been abandoned after the death of the original owners.

Because the unoccupied houses are seen as disruptive to a neighborhood’s scenery and problematic in terms of disaster prevention, the central and some local governments have begun taking action.

A woman living in the southern part of Adachi Ward, Tokyo, where many old wooden houses are concentrated, said she worries about potential damage from the roof of a house next to hers.

Not too long ago the abandoned house’s galvanized sheet iron roof was blown off by a gust of wind and struck the side of her home. “Whenever a strong wind blows, I can’t sleep well,” she said.

A residential area in a northern part of the ward contained an abandoned apartment building until December 2011 that was called a “ghost house.” >>Continue Reading<<

Source: The Korea Herald, 13rd May, 2013.
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