Discovery of Embrapa revolutionizes transgenic

0000026354-Logo 40 anosEmbrapa Soybean – Two technologies developed by Embrapa could revolutionize the production of genetically modified organisms. The responsible for both, already patented at INPI, is a biologist Juliana Dantas de Almeida. The research, made with soy, involving the so-called “promoters” of genes, which is defined as the manifestation of the transgenic plant. One of these genes, called “specific promoter” is capable of limiting only to plant leaf presence of the transgenic protein. The second, called “constitutive promoter” allows the expression of the transgene in the whole plant but expresses intensity lower than those found in the market today, such as the RR soybean resistant to glyphosate.

In the case of “specific promoter”, relevance is restricted gene expression in transgenic plants already today on the market have modified genes that act in all parts of the plant. The main advantage of this technology, according to Juliana, is the absence of gene in the fruit or root, which may help reduce consumer rejection, especially in Europe, GM foods.

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