Food Waste Has Environmental Downside

20The Poultry Site – Far too much of the food we produce goes to waste. This is not just a waste of resources – it is also something that has a needless detrimental effect on the environment. It is particularly the consumer who is responsible, but waste is also an issue in other parts of the food chain.

In the EU, the consumption of food and drink is responsible for 20-30 per cent of the overall environmental impact and more than 50 per cent of eutrophication.

The production of an average Danish diet emits 1684 kg CO2-equivalents per person per year, and about 13.5 per cent of this is from the food we waste, primarily in households. By reducing this waste, the burden can be considerably eased.

This is the conclusion of a report, ”Madspild i fødevaresektoren – fra primærproduktion til detailled”, prepared by scientists from Aarhus University for the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, which has just been published by DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture at Aarhus University.

The report focuses on food waste (fish excepted) in the part of the food chain that includes primary food production, the retail sector and commercial kitchens.

“It is important that our food is used to the last morsel. If we throw out food, this creates an unnecessary burden on the environment,” say the authors of the report.

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