Embrapa and RDA define strategic partnership in projects for agriculture

00001Labex Korea (Embrapa) and the International Technology Cooperation Center (ITCC/RDA) organized the 3rd Workshop RDA/Embrapa in Suwon on March 25 – 29. This event was proposed with the objective to establish strategies for cooperation between both Institutions to toward technological innovations through research, development and technology transfer, which enable to boost the agricultural sector in both countries.

The priority areas were defined based on the prospecting of the demands and opportunities identified in each institution, considering principally the impact in scientific and technological development of the institutions involved and of the productive sectors, by the innovations arising from potential partnerships established in the framework of Workshop.

The event discussed the “state of art”, in both institutions, about the following fields: “Protected production”, “Effect of climate change over crop production”, “Use of biotechnology on animal production” and “Development of inputs for animal feed”.

The workshop principal output, in addition of the experience exchange between researchers, was the discussion of the possibilities for interaction among institutions, allowing an aggregation of knowledge in ongoing projects at Embrapa and RDA, which will can be firmed through the establishment of technical cooperation projects, with the expectation of to be started at least in beginning of 2014.

To download the summary (PDF) click on the theme and to download the complete presentations (PDF) click on the Institution in each theme described below:

 Institutional Presentations
Agricultural R&D in Korea: Status, Plans and Programs – International Technology Cooperation Center, RDA
Embrapa – Recent International Cooperation Agenda – Embrapa
Greenhouse design and management – NIHHS, RDA – Protected Horticultural Research Station.
Greenhouse Vegetable production in Brazil: Current status and research – Embrapa, Embrapa Vegetables.
To evaluate adaptation and use tropical/subtropical germoplasm of vegetables for climate change – NIHHS, RDA –  Agricultural Research Center for Climate Change.
Climate change scenarios in the sub-tropical Brazil: Possible adaptations through the development and production of crop germoplasm – Embrapa, Embrapa Temperate Climate.
Animal Science
Utilization of probiotics and plant extract as a feed additive for safe livestock production – Animal Division, RDA – National Institute of Animal Science.
Probiotics and enzymes development and utilization in Brazil – The importance and challenges for the future – Embrapa – Embrapa Swine and Poultry.
Genome wide association and genomic selection to speed up genetic improvement for meat quality and yield in Hanwoo – NIAS, RDA, Hanwoo Experimental Station.
Embrapa network on animal genomic and biotechnology for economically traits – Embrapa – Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology.
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