Agro-ecology is the answer

12According to Irene Cardoso, professor of soil science and vice president of the Brazilian Agro-ecology Association, we are not asking the right questions when it comes to the role of agriculture in feeding a growing world population. But when we do, we see that agro-ecology is the only answer.

Mention the words ‘Brazil’ and ‘food production’ and up pops the image of a vast country whose cerrados (Brazilian savannahs) are being destructed in order to produce soy crops. Brazil is without doubt a scene of unprecedented environmental catastrophe. Is this the case for the whole of Brazil? No, in small villages all over the country farmers are developing agro-ecological enterprises that do not use pesticides and no or less artificial fertiliser. Instead they rely on biodiversity to control pests and create lush green landscapes on once barren fields. And last but not least: they produce not just one product, for instance only coffee beans, but dozens of other crops as well. The side effect of this way of farming: independent, healthy farmers…. >>Continue Reading<<

Source and Photo: UpSides, 26th March 2013
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