Scientists create caffeine-addicted bacteria to clean up environment

10Scientists have genetically engineered a caffeine-addicted strain of E. coli that could help clean up environmental pollution.
Caffeine addiction may be good for Mother Nature.
Mankind’s caffeine addiction has taken a toll on the environment. But scientists believe a bacteria genetically engineered to be addicted to caffeine could help clean up after us.
“The widespread use of caffeine … in beverages and pharmaceuticals has led to significant environmental pollution,” researchers wrote in a paper published last month by the American Chemical Society.
Everything from soda to coffee to chocolate to medicine is full of caffeine, which is polluting water supplies.
But caffeine has a natural foe. Pseudomonas putida CBB5 can live on nothing but caffeine, Sci-News reported.
Source and Photo: MSN News, 3rd April, 2013
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