Biodiesel production in Brazil reached 2.7 billion liters

Fapespe_eBiomassa & Bioenergia – Biodiesel production in the country reached 2.718 billion liters in 2012. The monthly average was 181 million liters. The total represents an increase of almost 2% compared to 2011 production, which was 2.672 billion liters. With this performance, according to the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (Abiove), fuel production in Brazil reached a volume history, being the highest in the last eight years. It should be emphasized that the production of the product in 2005 reached only 736,000 liters.

The Midwest has the largest Brazilian biodiesel production, totaling 1.164 billion liters, or 43% of the total. The second largest amount is found in the south of the country, with 34% share of national production was 926 million liters last year. Among the state, Rio Grande do Sul is with 806 million liters, followed by Goiás, with 600 million liters, and Mato Grosso, with 474 million liters.

Sales – Based on the data accumulated by November 2012, it is clear that sales of diesel B by distributors exceeded by 7.1% the amount sold in 2011. Kept pace, it is estimated that the final value in 2012, approach the 56 million m³.

The balance of the raw materials used for manufacturing biodiesel indicates that the soybean oil should represent about 76% of the total produced, followed by beef tallow (17%) and cottonseed oil (4%). This information also covers the period from January to November 2012.

Price – The price statistics indicate that in 2012 the average value received by the plants by cubic meter of biodiesel was approximately R $ 2,384.20. The baseline are auctions conducted by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). Other mineral diesel prices are also available in published spreadsheets.

Source:  Biomassa & Bioenergia, 6th March, 2013
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