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Why a fair supply chain is key to achieving a sustainable food system

Michael GidneyBy Michael Gidney
The Guardian – The on-going horsemeat scandal highlights just how dangerously out of control many global food supply chains are. It’s out of control for consumers in rich countries who now throw away an amount of food equivalent to what sub-Saharan Africa produces in a year, and are losing as many life years from obesity as the poor are from malnutrition. It’s out of control in the way food is traded and distributed, with millions of producers struggling for market access in increasingly concentrated commodity markets, with high price volatility exacerbated by financial speculation. And, most critically for the mission of organisations like Fairtrade, it’s out of control for smallholder farmers themselves, who, despite producing more than 70% of the world’s food, scandalously still represent more than half of the world’s hungriest people.

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Source and Photo: The Guardian,February, 2013
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