Hog Farm Stink Raises Neighbors’ Blood Pressure

By Jill U Adams
Science – The stench of a large hog farm may seem nauseating, but a study now suggests that hog farm emissions—which include dust, irritants, allergens, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and hundreds of volatile organic compounds—could have a measurable impact on human health. Neighbors of such farms experience a rise in blood pressure when the farm odor is strong, researchers found.

Industrial-scale farms that raise animals for food—called concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), in the parlance of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—have a number of documented impacts on the environment, mostly from the massive quantities of manure they produce. That waste, which contains microbes that can make humans sick, is collected in open pits or sprayed on fields as fertilizer, risking contamination of the air, water, and soil….. >>Read More<<

Source and Photos: Science, November 7th, 2012
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