The menu for next few years

fapesp11By Carlos Fiorenti
Agência FAPESP – Specialists are networking to predict the possible effects of climate changes on agribusiness, which accounts for one third of Brazil’s GDP. There are signs indicating that the production of soya, wheat, and other crops may decline dramatically and the incidence of diseases may rise, as a reaction to the probable increase in temperature and changes in rainfall distribution throughout the country. The fear is that prices will go up and the variety of grains, vegetables and fruit will decrease. In anticipation of scenarios that predict harsh times ahead, research centers and companies are developing and introducing varieties of grains and vegetables that are more resistant to high temperatures and to attacks from organisms that cause diseases and plagues. The tendency is that plants, pests, consumers and also the economy will readjust and rebalance… >>Continue reading<<

Source and Photo: FAPESP, August 2012
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