The Experience and Development of Responsible and Eco-Friendly Aquaculture Production Practices for Food Safety and Traceability in Taiwan

By Fu-Sung Chiang

Awareness of environmental conservation, food safety, and responsible aquaculture production has been the key factors to changes in the development of the world aquaculture and seafood communities. Aquaculture plays an important role in supplying fish for the increasing population and has become one of the main sources of animal proteins. The catches from the sea were not able to increase due to the reduced quotas across open seas, limited fishing periods and areas, and increased license fees. To meet this trend, the aquaculture industry has to prepare to enter an era of restructuring and increasing concern for sustainability. Recent developments in responsible and eco-friendly aquaculture production practices to enhance aquaculture food safety and traceability in Taiwan are described in this paper.

Click here to download the complete article (PDF)
Source and Photo: Food and Fertilizer Technology Center
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