The banana genome has been sequenced

Banana has revealed the secrets of its 520 million bases. Two French research organizations, CIRAD and CEA-Genoscope, with funding from the National Research Agency (ANR), have just finished, in two years, sequencing the species Musa acuminata which is a component in every edible variety (dessert and cooking bananas). This work is a huge step towards understanding the genetics of and improving banana varieties, and was done within the framework of the Global Musa Genomics Consortium… >>Read More<<

Source and Photo: African Seed Network
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One response to “The banana genome has been sequenced

  1. The first (potentially of several) cotton species to have its genome sequenced is Gossypium raimonddi. G. raimonddi contributes the “D” genome to the allotetraploid cotton species (A D genomes) G. hirsutum which provides the majority of worldwide cotton production. The genome of G. raimonddi was sequenced by JGI and is available from phytozome but has not yet been published.

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