The debate about the definition and control of exotic plants and animals heats up in São Paulo

FAPESP – An old problem – that of invasive exotic animal and plant species – is beginning to be fought. On November, after almost two years of debate between specialists from government bodies, research institutions, non-governmental organizations and companies, the State Environment Council (Consema) of the State of São Paulo published a list containing 14 animal species that have invasive potential, like the wild boar, the European hare and the giant African land snail. On the same day the council authorized the formation of a working group, with representatives from government and civil society, to define ways of controlling the population of these animal species and to propose a list of invasive exotic plant species (by definition an invasive exotic species is found outside its area of natural distribution, has no predators and proliferates relatively easily to the point of compromising the survival of native species). It will probably not be easy to eliminate undesirable animals, nor approve a viable list of undesired plants.

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Source and Photo: FAPESP, February 2012
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