Water issues create strong undercurrent at Rio+20

By Brooke Barton
The Guardian – Last month, I was one of more than 40,000 people who descended upon Rio de Janeiro for the Rio+20 Earth Summit. 40,000 is quite a crowd, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the rapid population growth Rio has seen since the first Earth Summit in 1992 – more than 800,000 residents in 20 years.

Brazil’s population as a whole is growing rapidly, and it’s changing just as fast. Across the nation, a rising middle class is snapping up air conditioners and other appliances and is expected to push national demand for electricity up 56% by 2021. More than 20 hydroelectric plants are scheduled to be built along the Amazon river’s tributaries to meet the new demand for power, but these projects are facing several challenges….>>Read More<<

Source and Photo: The Guardian, July 4th, 2012
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One response to “Water issues create strong undercurrent at Rio+20

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