Benefits and Risks of Influenza Research: Lessons Learned

Anthony S. Fauci, Francis S. Collins
Science – Given the yearly challenge of seasonal influenza and the potential catastrophic consequences of future pandemics, the need for intensive basic and clinical influenza research is unquestionable. Although the fruits of decades of research have enabled dramatic improvements in our ability to prevent and treat influenza, many fundamental questions remain, including those related to the complex factors associated with host switching and transmission of influenza viruses. Recent public concern over two H5N1 influenza manuscripts that studied the transmissibility of influenza viruses has triggered intense discussion on dual-use research and the way forward…. >>Read the Complete Article<<

Source and Photo: Science, June 22nd, 2012
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2 responses to “Benefits and Risks of Influenza Research: Lessons Learned

  1. nice information, many thanks to the author.

  2. i came across your blog just to look, but i had to leave this comment to say how much i appreciate your work. thanks for the help.

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