Biodiesel – Feedstocks and Processing Technologies

The book “Biodiesel: Feedstocks and Processing Technologies” is intended to provide a professional look on the recent achievements and emerging trends in biodiesel production. It includes 22 chapters, organized in two sections. The first book section: “Feedstocks for Biodiesel Production” covers issues associated with the utilization of cost effective non-edible raw materials and wastes, and the development of biomass feedstock with physical and chemical properties that facilitate it processing to biodiesel. These include Brassicaceae spp., cooking oils, animal fat wastes, oleaginous fungi, and algae. The second book section: “Biodiesel Production Methods” is devoted to the advanced techniques for biodiesel synthesis: supercritical transesterification, microwaves, radio frequency and ultrasound techniques, reactive distillation, and optimized transesterification processes making use of solid catalysts and immobilized enzymes. The adequate and up-to-date information provided in this book should be of interest for research scientist, students, and technologists, involved in biodiesel production.

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Chapter 1. Non Edible Oils: Raw Materials for Sustainable Biodiesel
Chapter 2. Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil
Chapter 3. Animal Fat Wastes for Biodiesel Production
Chapter 4. Getting Lipids for Biodiesel Production from Oleaginous Fungi
Chapter 5. Microbial Biodiesel Production – Oil Feedstocks Produced from Microbial Cell Cultivations
Chapter 6. Algal Biomass and Biodiesel Production
Chapter 7. Microalgae as Feedstocks for Biodiesel Production
Chapter 8. Eco-Physiological Barriers and Technological Advances for Biodiesel Production from Microalgae
Chapter 9. Advantages and Challenges of Microalgae as a Source of Oil for Biodiesel
Chapter 10. An Integrated Waste-Free Biomass Utilization System for an Increased Productivity of Biofuel and Bioenergy
Chapter 11. Production of Biodiesel via In-Situ Supercritical Methanol Transesterification
Chapter 12. Transesterification in Supercritical Conditions
Chapter 13. Alternative Methods for Fatty Acid Alkyl-Esters Production: Microwaves, Radio-Frequency and Ultrasound
Chapter 14. Transesterification by Reactive Distillation for Synthesis and Characterization of Biodiesel
Chapter 15. Gas-Liquid Process, Thermodynamic Characteristics (19 Blends), Efficiency & Environmental Impacts, SEM Particulate Matter Analysis and On-Road Bus Trial of a Proven NOx Less Biodiesel
Chapter 16. Biodiesel Production with Solid Catalysts
Chapter 17. Heterogeneous Catalysts Based on H3PW12O40 Heteropolyacid for Free Fatty Acids Esterification
Chapter 18. An Alternative Eco-Friendly Avenue for Castor Oil Biodiesel: Use of Solid Supported Acidic Salt Catalyst
Chapter 19. The Immobilized Lipases in Biodiesel Production
Chapter 20. Progress in Vegetable Oils Enzymatic Transesterification to Biodiesel – Case Study
Chapter 21. Adsorption in Biodiesel Refining – A Review
Edited by Margarita Stoytcheva and Gisela Montero
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