Construction of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in Maringá, PR, Brazil

By Fernando Rodrigues Neto
City Farmer – The city of Maringá, PR is an attractive centre of business, studies and industry, as well as agribusiness of soy, corn and other grains, being famous by its wooded streets and the nickname of Cidade Canção – City Song. This welcoming city with nearly 351 thousand urban inhabitants offers high quality of life by means of socio-environmental projects that includes the Program Healthy Maringá – Programa Maringá Saudável – focused on health promotion habits, allying physical exercises practice in more than 40 GSC – Gyms for Senior Citizens, medical monitoring, and assurance of food and nutrition security with the access to vegetables grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in community gardens located throughout the city. In support of these actions the urban agriculture has gained strength with the partnership envolving Maringá City Hall, MDS – Ministry of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation, and UEM – Maringá State University, started in 2008 with the project written and approved in accordance with the requirements of the announcement MDS/SESAN 05/2008…. >>Read More<<

Source and Photo: City Farmer, June 16th, 2012
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