Soybean’ tastier reaches the market

By Camila Pitombeira
Epamig – Developed through the Program for Genetic Improvement of Soybean by the Food Research Company of Minas Gerais (Epamig), in partnership with Embrapa and the Triangle Foundation, the soybean cultivar BRSMG 800A is especially geared for human consumption, with milder flavor, seed of larger size and higher protein content. This cultivar is similar to “carioquinha” beans in appearance and way of preparation. This variety of Soybeans also presents resistance to bacterial pustule, stain-eye-frog and stem canker, besides having an average productivity of 3 ton/ha.
The variety BRSMG 800A is a medium maturity cultivar in Minas Gerais (maturity group 8.0), growth is determined, lodging resistance, colored purple flower, gray pubescence, seed coat and hilum pale brown, with an average height of plants of 72cm, the flowering ranging from 58 to 62 days and the cycle of 120-140 days. It has long juvenile period, resistance to dehiscence of pods, seeds coarse, with an average weight of 100 seeds around 18.8 g. The oil content is around 20.10%, protein 38.25% and 13.34 mg/100g of iron, explain Ana Cristina Juhasz, Epamig’s researcher.
According to the researcher, the variety was developed to meet the Brazilian population which has restriction of the exotic flavor of common’ soybean and that have not in the habit of consuming soy in the form of grains. This can be cooked with beans or alone. When cooked in isolation, the grains remain whole. Can be sautéed, used in salad dressings and also be prepared as “tropeiro”. It is a beautiful and healthy dish.
In relation to cultural practices, there is no difference compared to other commercial cultivars. However, planting should follow some recommendations based on the characteristics of the region where it will be grown.

Source and Photo: Dia de Campo, March 2nd, 2012
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