Software Evaluates Potential of Irrigation

Embrapa Soils  – Irrigation is an expensive investment, but very necessary to enable the production of many farmers. New irrigation
technologies, tools and programs of government have increasingly encouraged the use of the irrigation system and cheapened the process. With the aim of helping the producer to analyze the potential irrigation of an area, Embrapa Soils developed software that assesses what is the best system to be used according to the soil analysis, water and crop to be cultivated. The interesting thing is that the software can even calculate what is the productivity in that area.
The software (Sibcti) is available free of Embrapa Soils in a web site. Simply fill in the data required for the system such as soil and water parameters, and then select the crop and irrigation system to be used. The program crosses all information and provides the user the potential return that of the crop in that irrigation system and soil type, explains Fernando Amaral, a researcher at Embrapa Soils.
The first version of the Sibcti was launched in 2005 and subsequently updated, considering new irrigation technologies, renewing soil data and crop yield. In addition, the new version makes easy the navigation of the user, since no longer need to download the software, it can be handled directly on the site of Embrapa Soils and stores the information of last access made by the user.
Before the release of the Brazilian version was used the American version, which was considered outdated, why not consider the peculiarities of each culture, nor the salinity and pH of the water, and the analysis was made considering the surface irrigation system, which was the dominant in the past. Modern systems such as drip were not considered, which compromised the result – says Amaral.
With the launch of the National Irrigation Plan, of the Federal Government, we imagine that the Sibcti is a fundamental tool for the assessment to be made throughout the irrigation system in the country. Because irrigation is an expensive investment and the producer cannot give up a free tool like this – says Amaral.

Source and Photo: Dia de Campo, March 7th, 2012
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