The renewable energy market in Brazil: Current status and potential

ScienceDirect – Renewable energy offers a range of options with which to meet the growing demand for energy, particularly in the context of the pursuit (especially in developing countries) of economic development which takes into account social and environmental issues. Brazil has abundant natural sources of renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, hydraulic energy, small hydroelectric plants, ethanol and bio-diesel. These sources form part of the Brazilian strategy aimed at satisfying the demand for 6300 MW of fresh capacity per year arising out of projected economic growth of 5.1% per year over the next 10 years. Renewable energy sources currently provide 47.2% of the internal supply of primary energy in Brazil. Brazil has been pursuing a strategy of maintaining its renewable energy matrix and developing and providing incentives for further low carbon initiatives.

In this study we set out an overview of the renewable energy options available in Brazil, their current status, the main positive results obtained to date and future potential. We describe the market for renewable energy in Brazil and examine specific public policies aimed at overcoming barriers to this market, thereby promoting its consolidation and expansion.

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