Team from Brazil’s Embrapa on data collection mission in Mozambique

A team from Brazil’s “Embrapa Monitoramento por Satélite” (Campinas/SP) – “Embrapa Satellite Monitoring” – is in Mozambique on a mission to collect data about land use, natural resources, and agri-livestock production systems in the Maputo Corridor, the institution said.

The team, which is part of the Brazil-Mozambique Platform, is expected to have travelled around 3,000 kilometres in the Mozambican provinces of Maputo, Gaza, and Inhambane when it ends its five-day mission Saturday.

Previous surveys in another region of Mozambique in 2010 were the basis for writing a book entitled, “Paralelos – Corredor de Nacala” (Parallels – Nacala Corridor) organised by “Embrapa Monitoramento por Satélite,” which discussed potential similarities between Brazil and Mozambique and highlighting the savannah region between the 13thS and 17thS parallels, which has the same geographical position as the Brazilian “cerrado” region.

In 2011 WebGIS Moçambique, an interactive and dynamic system to subsidise production of maps of the potential for agri-livestock production, was also published on the Internet.

The system, which has incorporated new data since it was launched, includes information about soil and agricultural aptitude for crops such as soy, maize, cassava, rice, peanuts, and cotton, information about land use, hydrographical basins, and information on transport infrastructure, amongst other data.

Last Monday the team visited the Cartography and Geographical Information Systems Laboratory of the Mozambican Agrarian Research Institute (IIAM), expansion of which is being coordinated by “Embrapa Monitoramento por Satélite”.

(source: macauhub)


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