Embrapa Researcher optimizes production of transgenic

By Leonel Rocha
Revista Época – The Centers Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology and Embrapa Coffee patented the technique called “Compositions and methods for modifying the expression of genes of interest” that promises to enhance the development of transgenic plants. The technique is based on a study of the seedling gene responsible for defining where, when and under conditions the desired characteristics will be expressed in the plant. The goal is to isolate the genes called “promoters” and make them available in a catalog to be used in production.
Currently, to develop a transgenic plant scientists typically use constitutive promoters. This means that the gene was inserted into the transgenic will be manifest in all plant parts, in all stages of development, regardless of environmental conditions. With this technique developed by researchers at Embrapa, the copy takes energy to produce a protein excessively unnecessary in the whole plant and all the time.
The new technology allows the gene that was inserted; it is expressed only when and where needed. In the case of coffee berry borer, for example, a gene for resistance to pests can be controlled by a promoter specific for the bulk product, preventing the reproduction of the beetle transmitter. In five years Embrapa expected to provide a database of promoters.

Source: Revista Época, May 18th, 2012
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