Embrapa working with Scottish institutions

Brazilian Embassy London – In the areas of animal health, welfare and genetics, sustainable agriculture and climate change, Brazil’s Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) is developing various forms of collaboration with a group of Scottish scientific institutions.

Led by a party from the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC), scientists from the Scottish institutions visited Brazil in early May. A representative from UK Trade and Industry was also among the delegation.

One of early outcomes of the visit was an invitation for the SAC to become an international partner of the Brazilian greenhouse-gas inventory project. A workshop on integrated livestock-crop-forestry is a key part of this programme and SAC researchers have already been invited to contribute towards it. Embrapa are in the midst of an ambitious programme to build methane measurement chambers for cattle and are modelling this programme on the SAC’s novel GreenCow facility in Edinburgh, visited by many Embrapa members in the last two years.

SAC animal welfare specialist Professor Adroaldo Zanella, who is himself Brazilian, visited the Ministry of Agriculture’s animal welfare department and discussed the creation of further UK-Brazil links in animal welfare sciences.

Professor Zanella also visited the Embrapa sheep and goat research centre in the northeast of Brazil while SAC poultry specialist Dr Nick Sparks went south to Embrapa’s pig and poultry centre. Both centres already have ongoing collaboration work with UK teams.

Dr David Smith of the Moredun Research Institute in Scotland is currently evaluating a new vaccine for Haemonchus in sheep with Brazilian colleagues.
It is hoped that a Brazilian delegation will visit Scotland in 2013.

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