Status of biogas technologies and policies in South Korea

Yong-Sung Kima, Young-Man Yoonb, Chang-Hyun Kimb, Jens Giersdorfa

Science Direct – To date, there are about 49 biogas plants in South Korea that are generally recognized as economically and technically unsuccessful due to lack of knowhow, deficient technologies and policies. There is a need to analyze the status of biogas technology and policy in South Korea from the point of view of an external biogas expert, since biogas technology in South Korea has not yet been analyzed by foreign biogas experts so far. For analyzing site investigation, literature research and interviews are performed. It was found that there are several lacks of conceptual design of biogas technology, such as plant dimension, energy balance, operation knowhow. Technical and financial support for the development of biogas technology was insufficient so far. There are some policies to support biogas technologies, however financial support from different ministries seemed not to have been used efficiently. Some policies are planned excessively so that they cannot be realized on time. Based on the general policy called “Green Growth”, the Korean government plans to establish a biogas market in South Korea in order to recover energy from organic waste. For this purpose, R&D efforts should be intensified for consulting and education in national and international networks for the transfer of knowhow and technologies. Definition of the existing restrictions on the development of biogas technology is required. By developing a biogas roadmap, the creation of a biogas market could be promoted efficiently in South Korea…. >>Read More<<

Source: Science Direct, April 3rd, 2012
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