Organic Waste Treatment by Mechanized Composting

By Gilberto Silber Schmidt

Labex Korea – The perception that natural resources and dispersion capacity of the residuals are limited, generated the need to seek new alternatives for the treatment, aiming initially to reduce the environmental impact and, more recently, adding value through the generation of biofuels and by-products, as in the case of biofertilizer.
The lack of alternative technologies for the treatment and proper disposal of organic waste from agricultural, industrial and waste from the society in general, led the research bodies, associations, universities and private companies to seek alternatives to minimize environmental impact. Composting mechanized and automated has been highlighted to add value to the residue and reducing the environmental impact of activities…..>>Read More<<

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One response to “Organic Waste Treatment by Mechanized Composting

  1. Hey: many thanks for using time of writing up this facts. I always try to further my idea of issues. Even if I consent or disagree, I really like material. I do not forget the olden times when the only supply of material was the library or the newspaper. They equally appear to be so archaic. Please Pardon my bad writing : )

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