Embrapa Cattle Southeast search the first international patent

Avicultura Industrial – The Embrapa Cattle Southeast just completed the filing of its first international patent in Canada and the United States. The technology is being patented is a method for early identification of animals with high potential for soft flesh. The identification of these animals is done by means of molecular markers, a kind of “snippets” of DNA responsible for certain characteristics.
The technology was developed in partnership with the University Federal of São Carlos (UFSCar), and the Foundation for Research Support of São Paulo (FAPESP), and is part of the Network’s research Bifequali.
Routed to Nellore, the main basis for crosses today in Brazil, the method of identification markers have broad market, since the meat tenderness is a major challenge for this breed. For the researcher from Embrapa Luciana Regitano, who led the study, it is another tool to assist the productive sector in the selection of the best animals, besides the classical tools for genetic improvement.
The scientist points out that this year should be released other technologies of the same type by Bifequali’s network, involving markers for feed efficiency and meat quality characteristics.
The filing of the patent had already been done in Brazil in September 2010 with on the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), with support from the Office of Technological Innovation at Embrapa. After the deposit, the technology goes through tests to ensure that the charter is granted or not, meanwhile, it can be marketed.
Negotiations are underway with companies to license the method and kit of molecular markers. Besides the benefits to the productive sector, will be generate royalties to Embrapa, FAPESP and UFSCar, funds that will be reversed in further research.
According to Helio Omote, an analyst responsible for patents process in Embrapa Cattle Southeast, the choice of Canada and the United States was made after an assessment of the potential market in these countries for the commercialization of this kind of technology. In Brazil, it is estimated that the market is 40 million dollars annually. The patent application is necessary to protect and ensure the right of technology and its marketing. The Partnership with business is also essential for the Embrapa’s research results may become a final product. “We are transforming the resources invested in this research to a social benefits and practical application,” said Omote.

Source: Avicultura Industrial, March 29th, 2012
Translated by Gilberto Silber Schmidt
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