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São Paulo company named among the most innovative worldwide

By Elton Alisson

Agência FAPESP – A company located in Piracicaba, São Paulo, is among the 50 most innovative companies in the world, according to a ranking released by the U.S. technology magazine Fast Company.
The company is Bug Agentes Biológicos, a start-up founded by graduate students at Universidade de São Paulo’s Luiz de Queiroz Agriculture School (USP-ESALQ) and funded by FAPESP’s Innovative Resarch in Small Companies (PIPE).

Source and Photo: Agência FAPESP, March 21st, 2012
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Sun, sewage and algae: a recipe for success?

The Guardian – There’s not much that’s more renewable than sewage. So the idea of turning human waste into algae and then into biofuel is an attractive one and is now going to be put to the test on a commercial scale in southern Spain.

The €12m project will see the sunny skies of Cadiz beaming down on open ponds in which algae suck up the nutrients from the waste water. If all goes to plan over the next five years, the plant will produce about three tonnes of algae a day from 10 hectares of ponds, enough to run about 200 vehicles  ……  >> Read More<<

Source and Photo: The Guardian, Damian Carrington’s Blog
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