Brazilian company is the world’s second most sustainable

Biomass & Bioenergy – The 8th annual report of the Corporate Knights released in January, on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, said that Natura, a Brazilian cosmetics company, is the 2nd company most sustainable in the world. The document mentions the 100 corporations that have been outstanding with regard to sustainability, three of which are Brazilian – Natura (2nd), Bradesco (61st) and Petrobras (81st).
Corporate Knights is a Canadian firm for media and finance, dedicated to promoting responsible business practices. To create the ranking, the company’s research group worked with about 400 candidates and selected the 100 most sustainable been of 11 environmental, social and governance issues.
The first place went to Novo Nordisk, the Danish drug company. The recipe for success: a neat philosophy in business, a significant reduction in carbon footprint and selling discount medicines to developing countries.
Natura stood out on the following criteria: energy productivity, measured as output per gigajoule of energy consumed, waste productivity, measured per ton of waste. According to Alessandro Carlucci, CEO of the company, “Our responsibility increases the size of our pride with such recognition.” That is, a continuous improvement.
In the race to include sustainability in the corporate world, Brazil is gradually reaching a good position among the industrialized nations. It is important that other Brazilian companies follow the good example and put the head in eco-efficient practices.

Source: Biomass & Bioenergy, February 27th, 2012
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